Women’s basketball coach Pamela Findlay resigns
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Women’s basketball coach Pamela Findlay resigns

In a brief statement from Athletic Director Donnie Brooks released on Tuesday, April 23, Pamela Findlay announced her resignation from her position as Macalester College Women’s Basketball’s head coach. On the Macalester Athletics website, Findlay was quoted as saying: “Macalester is an incredible school with a very close-knit, supportive community. I’m honored to have had…


Donnie Brooks encourages team spirit at Mac

Days into his first semester at Macalester, new Athletic Director Donnie Brooks found himself in the midst of record cold. “I can confirm that last week was the coldest I have ever been,” Brooks said. Still, it has not changed his experience thus far. “I often say to folks, ‘thank you for your warm welcome,’…

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