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The Student News Site of Macalester College

The Mac Weekly

The Student News Site of Macalester College

The Mac Weekly

About Us

The Mac Weekly, established in 1914, is a student-run publication that covers on-campus news, highlights student interests, and provides a forum for opinion and discussion of issues pertinent to the Macalester community. With a circulation of approximately 2000, TMW publishes 12 to 14 issues each academic semester. Its staff is composed primarily of volunteer writers and editors, and welcomes any member of the Macalester community to submit opinion pieces. The Mac Weekly operates as a student organization under the Macalester College Student Government and is funded primarily by student activity fee dollars.

The views and opinions expressed in the opinion section are solely those of the authors. They do not represent the thoughts of The Mac Weekly or its editorial staff, or Macalester College as a whole. The Mac Weekly opinion section is a forum for free speech and debate, and articles will not be censored except in cases of threatening language or hate speech.

Any general questions or concerns about The Mac Weekly can be directed to [email protected].

Any business inquiries can be directed to Anya Armentrout at [email protected]

Diversity Statement

The Mac Weekly recognizes that a commitment to diversity is crucial to fulfilling its mission to be the primary source of information for, by and about the Macalester community. Respecting the cultural traditions, beliefs and views of our entire community strengthens this mission. In upholding our mission to provide full, fair news coverage, The Mac Weekly will:

  • Recognize that majority groups usually have little trouble sharing their own views, but that underrepresented groups do not often share the same privilege. Therefore, The Mac Weekly must be committed to actively covering underrepresented groups to the best of its abilities. — This does not necessarily mean running more stories about these groups, but understanding their perspectives, although they also have a stake in “mainstream” stories as well.
  • Reporters should be conscious of sourcing: Reporters should be intentional about collecting sources from a wide variety of people in the community. Staff should be respectful of criticism and open to change stemming from feedback.
  • Avoid stereotyping and typecasting. Racism, sexism and any other prejudices that demean others will not be tolerated. Furthermore, no mention should be made of a person’s race, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or other identities unless it is pertinent to a story, or if a source expresses discomfort with disclosure of potentially private identities.
  • Create an open atmosphere within our own newsroom and organization that welcomes a variety of views and encourages discussion.
  • Will continually take part in diversity initiatives.

Charter Purpose

The Mac Weekly is a student newspaper at Macalester College. Its purpose is to report on events that occur both in and outside of the campus community, to provide a critical perspective on those events, to entertain, to be a forum for discussion on campus and to be an outlet for students interested in journalism.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Mac Weekly is to be the most accurate, most thorough and most interesting source of news, sports and entertainment for the campus community. The responsibilities that staff members of the Weekly should operate on are:

  • To assertively seek content that has high interest, impacts the reader, provokes discussion and advances the reader’s knowledge
  • To react quickly to any newsworthy events, whether on campus, around the Twin Cities or in another part of the world (if it impacts our campus community).
  • To make the products as relevant to the campus community as possible by knowing what has happened, what is happening and what may happen in the news
  • To create a product that is a reflection of the diversity of the backgrounds, goals and interests of the readers and all of the campus community
  • To develop as technically proficient and ethical student journalists.
  • The Mac Weekly commits to the standards set by our diversity statement.


As a general policy, The Mac Weekly does not grant anonymity, either to sources or opinion writers. Exceptions may be made in cases of serious safety concerns and are determined on a case-by-case basis by the editorial staff. Anonymous sources and writers are otherwise held to the same editorial standard.