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The Student News Site of Macalester College

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Mac Weekly

How do I join The Mac Weekly?

Reach out to us on instagram @macweekly, over email at [email protected], or talk to one of our editors directly! You can also stop by our office in the 30BigWall basement laundry room on Tuesdays or Wednesday nights starting at 7pm during the academic year.

How big of a time commitment is The Mac Weekly?

The Mac Weekly is as big or small of a time commitment as you would like it to be! You can stop by and write an article once, become a copy editor and help us out with our editing process, become a routine writer, just write when you have time or a subject of interest, or pursue an editorial position! We’re happy to work with you to find a level of commitment you’re happy with and welcome any and all contributions to the paper.

When/Where does The Mac Weekly meet? 

The Mac Weekly meets Tuesday nights from 6 – 8pm and Wednesdays after 7pm in their office in the basement of 30BigWall.

What is the timeline for Mac Weekly publication? 

Though the Mac Weekly is published on Fridays, we go to print on Wednesday nights, and the majority of activity occurs these evenings. Any additional information, requests or suggested edits cannot be received after this deadline, as the paper is out of our hands and can no longer be modified. In order to have successful editing of articles, editors must be notified of intent to publish in this week’s edition by Monday evening at the latest.

How can I read/get updates when The Mac Weekly publishes? 

The Mac Weekly publishes each Friday of the academic year, excluding the first week of classes and finals week. The paper is inactive during the summer vacation period and J-term. To read The Mac Weekly, you can sign up for our newsletter (click here) or pick up one of our paper copies around campus!

Who can write for The Mac Weekly

As an independent student newspaper, The Mac Weekly strives to represent the Macalester community in both the stories covered, the sources used and the writers. The paper staff is composed entirely of students, who write the majority of the articles published. Opinions, however, are welcomed from anyone in the Macalester community, including alumni, faculty and staff, and those living in the Macalester-Groveland community.

What if I want to write, but I’m not sure where to start? 

There are a lot of different ways to get started at The Mac Weekly! You are not restricted to writing for a certain section or on a certain topic, and we are more than happy to talk to you to find a subject of interest and a story to cover. You don’t need to come in with a pitch, but you absolutely can! If you’re nervous about interviewing and writing, we have plenty of training materials you can read and we can review with you, and you can also co-write an article with a more experienced writer as you get used to the experience of writing!

What subjects does The Mac Weekly cover? 

The Mac Weekly has five sections: news, features, arts, sports and opinion. The paper is primarily campus focused, and restricts its contents to events occurring on or in relation to Macalester and the Macalester Groveland community and Twin Cities.

What if I have a story idea but I don’t want to write it, or I am involved in the story? 

You can send us a tip by filling out a form (click here) or by emailing [email protected] or the relevant section editor.

How big is The Mac Weekly staff? 

The Mac Weekly staff consists of approximately 25-30 people, including 12-15 editorial board members, staff writers and copy editors.


Other questions? Email us at [email protected].