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Estelle Timar-Wilcox
Estelle ’22 (she/her), news editor, hails from Falls Church, VA. She’s an international studies major with poli sci and Spanish minors, and a special place in her heart for English. She has six different flannels, one for every vibe.

Estelle Timar-Wilcox, News Editor

Dec 10, 2020
Macalester will switch back to semesters for 2021-22 (Story)
Dec 03, 2020
MCSG OverZoomer: Macalester representatives to join National Coalition of Student Leaders (Story)
Dec 03, 2020
Students pack up dorms for an uncertain winter break (Story)
Nov 19, 2020
Line 3 protests escalate after Walz administration greenlights construction (Story)
Nov 03, 2020
Macalester’s safety plan marks tense election cycle (Story)
Oct 15, 2020
Macalester cancels international study away for spring 2021 (Story)
Oct 13, 2020
Macalester students among those arrested for protesting Chauvin’s release (Story)
Oct 08, 2020
One Minnesota hosts tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Story)
Sep 25, 2020
First-year MCSG candidates discuss their campaigns, ambitions (Story)
Sep 24, 2020
Macalester opens more of campus post-quiet period (Story)
Sep 17, 2020
Macalester professors join Scholar Strike (Story)
Sep 10, 2020
One week in, Macalester stresses community commitment to keep case count low (Story)
Sep 10, 2020
Title IX changes take effect at Macalester (Story)
Sep 10, 2020
Macalester ultimate frisbee works to to prevent sexual violence in its ranks (Story)
Aug 18, 2020
Questions and answers on Macalester’s new fall plan (Story)
Aug 16, 2020
Twin Cities climate groups call on Walz to challenge Enbridge Line 3 (Story)
Jul 17, 2020
ICE visa restrictions rescinded for returning international students (Story)
Jul 14, 2020
Families of police brutality victims march on the capitol (Story)
Jun 30, 2020
Black Lives Matter, USA (Story)
Jun 25, 2020
A day at 38th and Chicago (Story)
Jun 09, 2020
Macalester welcomes large class of 2024 (Story)
May 29, 2020
Macalester to stick to September 2 start date (Story)
May 23, 2020
New Title IX regulations force changes to Macalester’s policy (Story)
May 20, 2020
Rosenberg announces salary freezes, budget cuts, updates on Macalester admissions (Story)
May 13, 2020
Fossil Free Mac releases handbook for student movements (Story)
May 01, 2020
MCSG OverZoomer: LB reflects, plans for the fall in last meeting of the year (Story)
Apr 09, 2020
MCSG Overseer: One org appeals next year’s budget recommendations (Story)
Apr 05, 2020
MCSG, Program Board contributing partial budgets to emergency aid program (Story)
Mar 26, 2020
Students rush home from study away sites as coronavirus spreads (Story)
Mar 05, 2020
Hopes still high for Bernie (+photo story) (Story)
Feb 27, 2020
Kedir, Green elected President and Vice President for 2020-21 (Story)
Feb 27, 2020
Davis, Harris speak on black masculinity and femininity at BHM Symposium (Story)
Feb 20, 2020
As 2020 ramps up, Mac students weigh: vote at home or school? (Story)
Feb 20, 2020
MCSG Overseer: LB changes agenda, discusses mental health (Story)
Feb 20, 2020
MN350 discusses Green New Deal and week of action (Story)
Feb 13, 2020
MCSG Overseer: MCSG discusses increasing voter participation (Story)
Feb 06, 2020
Students lead class that explores Palestine resistance (Story)
Jan 30, 2020
Manning named Sustainability Director, student workers resign (Story)
Dec 05, 2019
Fossil Free Mac disbanding, but says fight not over yet (Story)
Nov 21, 2019
After Macalester: the many paths of post-graduation life (Story)
Nov 14, 2019
Plyo brings exercise incentives to Mac (Story)
Oct 31, 2019
Women Against Military Madness organizes for Palestinian rights (Story)
Oct 31, 2019
Committee advocates recruitment, support of refugee students (Story)
Oct 17, 2019
Students struggle to access accommodations (Story)
Oct 03, 2019
Library may undergo significant renovations in coming years (Story)
Sep 26, 2019
Financial hurdles for international students studying away (Story)
Sep 19, 2019
Major changes coming to Mac’s sustainability office (Story)
Sep 19, 2019
Macalester wrestles with prospect of ‘violent incident’ (Story)
Sep 13, 2019
Mac hires new interim Title IX coordinator, seeking student input (Story)
May 02, 2019
Imprints creates space for open discussion of survivor experiences (Story)
Apr 25, 2019
Karinna Gerhardt awarded Truman Scholarship (Story)
Apr 18, 2019
Peter Bognanni launches his third book at Common Good Books (Story)
Apr 18, 2019
Green Dot trainings and shared spaces in the LC (Story)
Apr 04, 2019
Reserved equipment in LC sparks talks of divisons among students (Story)
Mar 14, 2019
Writing “sparks joy” for student poet Albert Lee ’20 (Story)
Mar 14, 2019
Sustainability Office’s Zero Waste by 2020 initiative faces challenges (Story)
Feb 28, 2019
Mac drivers exhausted by snowfall (Story)
Feb 21, 2019
Protesters honor missing and murdered Indigenous women (Story)
Feb 14, 2019
Marlon James drops new book (Story)
Dec 06, 2018
Human Rights Watch official discusses Israel, Palestine in JBD talk (Story)
Nov 29, 2018
Jinci Lu’s commitment to mental health reform (Story)
Oct 25, 2018
Snyder lectures, reads poetry in Kagin (Story)
Sep 28, 2018
Activists discuss health reform in South Africa (Story)
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