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Café Bené: A space of warmth and soul-searching

4/5 stars for insulated sylvan dwelling space, and a cup of coffee that inspires introspection. Café Bené is located just off the 63 bus route, and provides the solace needed to accept the fact that it is nearly April and still not above 35 degrees. Feeling the chill, I came into the shop craving something…

Food & Drink

Beat Bobby Flay: Review of Tofu Yum Yum Bowl

by Lee Guekguezian This week, I took on Sameh Wadi’s “Tofu Yum Yum Bowl”, a seemingly simple dish with mind-blowing, complex flavor. Wadi is the Palestinian chef/creative genius/mastermind behind World Street Kitchen, Milkjam Creamery, and Saffron Restaurant & Lounge. While Saffron recently closed, it was a groundbreaking institution in the Twin Cities restaurant scene for…

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