Kopplin’s Coffee: A little something for everyone

Anna Hestad

My experience at Kopplin’s Coffee can be described as nothing but joyful.

Entering the cafe, you will be greeted by the bustling energy of young families basking in the Saturday morning sun. Throughout the shop, artists sketch quietly and small groups of friends catch up. Students breathe easily, now off campus and sufficiently caffeinated for the first time in weeks. It is clear this cafe is a beloved part of the community for many people.

When I saw the menu, I hesitated. The drinks were really pricey. But after talking to Stuart, a self appointed neighborhood emblem and fixture of Kopplin’s, I soon learned that these prices reflect part of Kopplin’s commitment to pay their workers a livable and steady wage. One way this is reflected is in the absence of a tip jar, which the owners have removed, instead choosing to properly compensate each employee. The charm and whimsy did not end there.

Stuart’s eyes twinkled as he described the abounding hours he spends at Kopplin’s every day. “I’m afraid they’re going to stop charging me for coffee, and start charging me rent” he said, before addressing several toddlers sitting at the coloring table by name. Kopplin’s has amazing coffee, a commitment to treating its workers well, and a grandfather figure to look after the community and its youth. That’s right folks, Kopplin’s has it all.

The Latte 6/5 Stars While the presentation was 10/10, this drink didn’t just rely on its looks to get by. A full bodied and lavish delight, this latte carried the comfort of steamed milk all the way to the bottom of the cup without diluting the expertly crafted espresso. The dynamic coexistence of these two opposing flavors woven together into one strong sapor earned this drink a coveted 6/5 star rating, an award given by the Caffeine Queen just once in a blue moon. Better luck next time, Dunn Bros.

Cappuccino 5/5 Stars I imagine this drink as the blue ribbon winner in an equestrian dream. Like a Clydesdale standing 18 hands tall, this drink also stood strong, distinctive, majestic and powerful. The beauty and strength united in perfect proportion garner both respect and admiration from onlookers and coffee connoisseurs round the globe alike. And, like a well trained equid, this drink demonstrated its ability not only to adhere to the rules, but to outperform the competition.

When I go somewhere with exquisite coffee, that is quite a feat. However, when I go somewhere with exquisite coffee, beautiful natural light, the joy and laughter of children, a commitment to valuing its workers, and a guy like Stuart to tell me all about how great the place is, I am left feeling there is still some magic left in the world.

Kopplin’s Coffee is located at 2038 Marshall Ave, St Paul, MN 55104