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Injury-riddled softball team still has high hopes for season

The weather is slowly getting warmer and that means softball season is now in full swing (pun intended). After splitting their indoor games against Bethany Lutheran and going 2-2 at the ACM Tournament last weekend, the team is hoping their trip to Tucson, Arizona over Spring Break will give them the opportunity to up their…


Small pitching staff overcomes injury to lead Softball team

By Theo Bilski One pitcher, 14 innings. A grueling task for anyone asked to perform it. And yet, this is a task that was asked of the Macalester softball pitching staff many times this season. Morghan Bean ’18, Sophie Migacz ’19, and Makaya Resner ’19 are the three pitchers for the Macalester softball team. Each…


Dome games: a Midwestern tradition

Every year in February, professional baseball teams make their way to Arizona or Florida to start their training in a temperate locale. The Major League Baseball season begins in April, so teams can wait until the weather improves before they move into their home fields for opening day. For example, the Minnesota Twins play their…


Giving it all up: athletes tell us why they walked away

College athletes usually dedicate years to their sport. However, once in college, a number of people choose to give up their sport. This happens for several reasons: some players find other callings they want to pursue; others find sports to be too much of a time commitment; others still, for whatever reason, simply find they…

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