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India House: A Macalester favorite with a bounty of flavor

Maya Siskin-Lavine

April 5, 2018

This week I had the pleasure of eating at a Macalester student favorite, India House. Just down Grand, this restaurant is easily accessible to students by public transit and manageable on a college budget as well. India House is...

Café Bené: A space of warmth and soul-searching

Anna Hestad

March 30, 2018

4/5 stars for insulated sylvan dwelling space, and a cup of coffee that inspires introspection. Café Bené is located just off the 63 bus route, and provides the solace needed to accept the fact that it is nearly April and s...

Eat abroad at the Midtown Global Market’s Taqueria Los Ocampo

Dylan Kulik

March 22, 2018

Between the two downtown centers of the Twin Cities, there is a neighborhood which sits midway. The neighborhood is aptly named Midtown, and one of its main hubs has been appropriately dubbed a global market. When you step in...

Cafe Meow: Minnesota’s first cafe that has both food and felines

Maya Siskin-Lavine

March 9, 2018

Cat cafes have been popping up around the country, and Minnesota has finally hopped on the bandwagon to join two of the best things: cats and coffee. Cafe Meow opened on Feb. 16 in downtown Minneapolis. While a little far from Ma...

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