Leftover Vegetable Bake

Ellie Rudner

Ingredients: I’m using (about 2 handfuls of each): Brussels sprouts, ahalved String beans Mushrooms, sliced Red Onion, cut into pretty big pieces Cherry tomatoes A swoosh of oil (I prefer olive) A good scoop of garlic in whatever form you want Many dashes of curry powder (enough so there’s some on all of the vegetables) Many dashes of smoked paprika (enough so there’s some on all of the vegetables) Red pepper flakes Salt and Pepper

Also very good: Carrots Eggplant Asparagus Cauliflower Potatoes

For protein, you can either add some cubed chicken (or whatever meat you want) into the pan with the vegetables, add beans at the end, or put an egg on top.

For the sauce: 3 dollops tahini 1 dollop chili paste/sauce of your choice (I prefer gochujang, which I buy at Sun Foods) 1 small scoop of garlic in whatever form you want 1 dash of soy sauce (mostly just for the saltiness) Juice of 1/2 lemon or lime Water, however much you need to get the texture where you want it

Instructions: Put it all on a sheet pan, getting all the vegetables nice and coated with everything, and toss it into the oven for at least 23 minutes at somewhere between 375 and 400 degrees. Add your beans, if you’re going that route, put it on a bed of leafy greens if you feel so inclined, top it with the sauce, and enjoy!

I usually don’t make this one more than two days in advance, and this is really only enough food for about two meals.

*If you don’t want to make a whole sauce, you could either use just tahini or use hummus instead.