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New Hampshire style maple-glazed carrots

Lily Deheny, Food and Drink Editor

September 13, 2019

This recipe works best in a place with access to lots of maple syrup — like my home state of New Hampshire (but in Minnesota you can make do.) Specifically real maple syrup, since for this recipe you need the real deal. Not that...

Oatmeal recipes à la Macalester Outing Club

Missy Stevanovic '19

April 25, 2019

Instructions for all oatmeal recipes: On a Whisperlite camping stove, set a pot of filtered water to boil. For each serving of oatmeal you’ll want 175 mL of water (for reference, one Nalgene will serve about six to eight peo...

Oats Recipe

Ellie Rudner

November 9, 2018

Ingredients: 1 jar 1/4-1/3 jarful of old fashioned rolled oats A few sprinkles of other seed items (like those chia seeds you impulse bought at the start of your last health kick) A few dashes of cinnamon Milk of your choice, tw...

Leftover Vegetable Bake

Ellie Rudner

October 25, 2018

Ingredients: I’m using (about 2 handfuls of each): Brussels sprouts, ahalved String beans Mushrooms, sliced Red Onion, cut into pretty big pieces Cherry tomatoes A swoosh of oil (I prefer olive) A good scoop of garlic in wh...

Autumn Jacket Soup

October 18, 2018

Ingredients: 1 medium onion 1 large spoonful of pre-minced garlic, or 2-3 cloves fresh 1 can chopped tomatoes 1 can beans of your choice (I’m using cannellini) 1-2 carrots A few (3) handfuls of mushrooms* About as much zucchini as...

Baked barbecue potato chip-crusted chicken is a nostalgic hit

October 14, 2016

When I was little and my parents wanted me to help cook dinner, they would create a kid-friendly component for me. Usually this consisted of buttering pans or mixing sauces, but when I was really lucky, I got to crush things. Po...

Crock-Pot soup for those cold & busy days

The Mac Weekly

October 7, 2016

Crock-Pots can be a college student’s best friend. You may have seen the many Buzzfeed videos, or articles on the subject. In fact, upon googling the phrase “Buzzfeed Crock-Pot,” the entire first page of results were di...

Gastronomi Klonowski: The key to great summer dessert

The Mac Weekly

April 29, 2016

Over the course of this school year, I’ve become known among my Mac friend groups for baked goods just as much as for being large. It’s become a staple of my persona, to the point where some friends are jokingly angry each ti...

Gastronomi Klonowski: We must be nuts

April 15, 2016

The Minnesotan spring is finally upon us! In the past few weeks we saw the outbreak of shorts and flip-flops on campus that tends to occur each time the temperature tops 50. Now, highs have jumped into the 70s, and the spirit of...

Gastronomi Klonowski: Veggie tales from spring break

March 25, 2016

Nice work! You’ve made it through your first week back from break! It appears that your brain didn’t atrophy too much from the week off, and soon you’ll be settled into a rhythm for the rest of the semester. Hopefully yo...

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