Meet the Staff Fall 2018

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Meet the Staff Fall 2018

Lindsay Weber

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Editors in Chief Jen Katz ’19 and Will Milch ’19

News Staff Hannah Catlin ’21, Abe Asher ’20, Margaret Moran ’21, Rebecca Edwards ’21

Photo Staff Noah Zwiefel ’19 and Ally Kruper ’21

Sports Editor Liam McMahon ’20

Arts Editor Julia Fritz-Endres ’19

Food and Drink Staff Erik Knisley ’19 and Henry Nieberg ’19

Features Staff Alta Connors ’19 and Barbara Kuzma ’19

Web and Design Editors Morgan Doherty ’21 and Lindsay Weber ’21

Opinion Editor Matt Steele ’19

Ad Manager Carrigan Miller ’19

Media Editor Kori Suzuki ’21

Copy Editor Evan Meerscheidt ’19