Student body elects MCSG Executive Board and class representatives

The MCSG Executive Board for the 2017–2018 school year is set, with six members of the student body winning elections held throughout last Monday and Tuesday. Leading the way is Suveer Daswani ’18, who ran

Macathon and Funkathon highlight entrepreneurship

If you want to have an existential crisis right now, think back to what you accomplished in the past 24 hours. Now compare it to what over 150 students will accomplish February 24 to

Royal Teeth at Fine Line Music Café: they have dreams, and they’re huge

It’s tough to be the opening act. On a Wednesday night, 20 minutes before the eight o’clock show, the small house at Fine Line Music Café on Minneapolis’s First Avenue is far from full.

The MAX Center, from the tutors

In light of the recent article “MAX Center tutors revise mission statement; administration disputes changes,” and the various responses to it, we tutors at the MAX Center would like to discuss with the rest

This Week in Mac Sports: 2/17

Food & Drink
Bottle Rocket on Saint Clair celebrates opening

For students who complain about the lack of walkable, affordable restaurants that are not on Grand Avenue, look no further. Bottle Rocket, the 10th and newest restaurant from Blue Plate Restaurant Company — which