New shortened fundraising campaign to improve financial aid, college programs

As of June 1 of this year, Macalester has begun a new fundraising campaign. It will likely be President Brian Rosenberg’s last at the school. Rosenberg, who has been at Macalester since 2003, does not

STYLE FILE: Morgan Abbey’s whimsical DIY style

Whimsical, bold, crafty, colorful—sounds more like a dreamy Wes Anderson film rather than a sartorial process. Morgan Abbey ’18, however, makes personal style into a cotton-candy world full of creativity, strong women, well-crafted projects

Bodies in the Balance: Fall dance concert preview

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and dancers are lying on the studio floor in the Leonard Center. There’s some laughing and a few stories exchanged about Saturday night, and a lot of ankle cracking. When

The State of things: Minnesota deserves your activism

With the election, the Republican Party took firm control of the legislative branch. The “Party of No” must transition from sitting in opposition these past two years into the role of governing. The fate

New kids in the LC: Club Tennis

The newest member to the Macalester club sports community is Mac Co-ed Club Tennis. Although the team is still in its provisionary phase, cofounders Isaac Gamoran ’18 and Maddy McKeown ’18 are excited for

Food & Drink
The Naughty Greek is a tasty new addition to Snelling Ave.

I’m just going to put this out there from the start: I hate the word “naughty.” Whether people are talking about how naughty their pet gerbil was this weekend or how naughty it is