Students organize Stop White Noise movement

On Wednesday April 19, students unfurled banners from the second floor of the Campus Center, informing those dining below in Café Mac that “5 MINS OF SILENCE START NOW” and asking them, “Who has

Students who have off-campus jobs: pros and cons

Many Macalester students are often overwhelmed by their academic workload alongside their social lives. However, some students must also balance the academic demand alongside working a part-time/full-time job. At times scheduling can be difficult

Lydia Ainsworth to perform new record at 7th Street Entry

Overlooking Los Angeles’ Echo Park is the statue “The Queen of Angels,” which became the inspiration for Lydia Ainsworth’s new record, Darling of the Afterglow. Ainsworth, a Torontonian electro-pop singer, released her album on

Transparency and trust: Student commencement speaker procedural reform

Two weeks from now, the class of 2017 will graduate, with Connor Valenti ’17 featured as the class’s commencement speaker. This may come as recent news for many students. Although Valenti was chosen as

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Food & Drink
A subjective spice ranking of the sauces at Buffalo Wild Wings

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing what sauce you want at Buffalo Wild Wings? Have you always wondered what it would be like to try every flavor of sauce?