Meet the Spring 2019 Staff!

Back row, left to right: Carrigan Miller ’19, Margaret Moran ’21, Barbara Kuzma ’19, Rebecca Edwards ’21, Evan Meerscheidt ’19, Matt Glover ’22, George Steinke ’22
Middle row, left to right: Henry Nieberg’19, Morgan Doherty ’21, Hannah Catlin ’21, Lindsay Weber ’21, Bergen Schmidt ’22, Adrian Johnson ’21, Justin Chen ’19, Will Milch ’19, Alta Connors ’19
First row, left to right: Malcom Cooke ’21, Betsy Barthlelemy ’21, Jen Katz ’19, Izzy Gravano ’22,
Lily Denehy ’22, Gracie Ellsworth ’22, Amy Vandervelde ’21, Summer Xu ’20, Julia Fritz-Endres ’19
Above, left to right: Editors-in-Chief, Julia Fritz-Endres ’19
and Alta Connors ’19
Above, left to right: News Editor Rebecca Edwards ’21, Associate News Editor Margaret Moran ’21, News Editor Hannah Catlin ’21
Below, left to right: Features Editor Barbara Kuzma ’19, Associate Features Editors Bergen Schmidt ’22, Gracie Ellsworth ’22
Above, left to right: Associate Arts Editor Izzy Gravano ’22, Arts Editor Betsy Barthlelemy ’21, Associate Arts Editor Malcom Cooke ’21
Above, left to right: Food and Drink Editors Henry Nieberg ’19 and Lily Denehy ’22
Above, left to right: Sports Editors Matt Glover ’22, George Steinke ’22
Above, left to right: Web and Design Editors Lindsay Weber ’21 and Morgan Doherty ’21
Above, left to right: Training Coordinators Hannah Catlin ’21, Barbara Kuzma ’19, Morgan Doherty ’21
Above: Opinion Editor Evan Meerscheidt ’19
Above: Ad Manager Carrigan Miller ’19
Above: Copy Editor Amy Vandervelde ’21
Above: Photo Editor Summer Xu ’20
February 7, 2019

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  1. I’m gratified with the way that deals with this kind of issue. Generally on point, sometimes contentious, without fail well-written and thought-provoking.

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