The Mac Weekly wants your election opinions

Our campus on Wednesday felt different. Tuesday night’s election results surprised much of the Macalester community. Regardless of how you processed the results, the coming administration marks a palpable change. This change will be felt in the spaces we share, as well as in the other communities we are each a part of. Since Tuesday, Macalester students have been engaged in countless discussions as we ask, “What’s next?”

We always ask for your opinion, but this time, it is different. This time it is about a change that will affect all of us in varying ways—in so many ways that one single story or staff-ed could not possibly capture. We want our Opinion section to be an open forum for collaboration, debate and reflection. We ask you now, with more fervor than usual, to write to us. In the following issue, we will post all election op-eds we receive in line with our commitment to the entire Macalester community.

We encourage you to share and speak. We want to make this a productive, not divisive, conversation. Let us know what you’re thinking.