Tips for dorm decorating: Sultry Succulents


You may have heard from your grandmother, the salesperson at the natural foods co-op, some eco-friendly tip sheet or me that if you want to work on your green thumb (or lack thereof) the best place to start is with a succulent. Succulent plants, sometimes called “fat plants,” have abnormally thick flesh, retain water exceptionally well and can survive stressful situations by dying back to their internal energy-storing organs. This all means that they are basically impossible to kill. You may ask, “Why should I care about plants?” Well, they act as clean air filters for your house, they add color to your space and they give the illusion of sophistication, which all college students could use a little more of. But your plain old jade, cactus or aloe can be a bit boring. So if you’re fancy like I know you are, here are some snazzy tips on how to add some sex appeal to your basic house or dorm room plant: