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Sustainability update: Refill those new dry-erase markers in Olin-Rice

Being concerned about the environment is only natural, but it’s one thing to talk about it and another to take action. As a response, our society often chooses to “buy green,” be “sustainable consumers,” and adopt other monikers that cause many to raise an eyebrow. Simply buying products that are “eco-friendly” or replacing energy-inefficient appliances…

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Sustainable Obtainables: Eating local year-round ain’t no thing

Whether you live on campus, off campus, like to cook or you’d rather eat at Café Mac, there will likely come a point in the long winter months where you’ll be faced with shopping at the grocery store. If you’ve got a small (or big) case of eco-anxiety like I do, you might be wondering how to shop sustainably for food while everything alive seems to be frozen over and buried under snow all around us.