Crossword 2/24:



  1. The only state with a WNBA team to win four consecutive championships.

  2. One out of eight US citizens lives here

  3. Home of Fort Sumter

  4. Although it is known as the ‘wolverine state,’ there are no more wolverines

  5. The Republican Party was founded here in Ripon in 1854

  6. Home of the National Aquarium, blue crabs, and the B&O Railroad

  7. The only state that grows coffee 19. The state animal is the mule


  1. Birthplace of 1950’s movie star James Dean

  2. Home of Kennett Square, the mushroom capital of the world

  3. In this state’s capital, it is illegal to cross the street while walking on your hands

  4. The first basketball game was played in Springfield, This state

  5. Mother’s Day was first observed in this state

8 .Home of the tennis hall of fame

  1. Home of the town of Rugby, the geographic center of North America

  2. The only state that is one syllable

  3. Has one recreational boat per six people, the most in the nation

  4. The first rodeo was held in this state

  5. A whole town watched Abe Lincoln wrestle the town bully in this state

  6. The first state to require license plates on cars