Café Mac hacks: waffles, curry, extended hours, oh my!

To kick off the new year, we thought it would be a good idea to review all the changes Bon Appétit made. There are some great improvements, but unfortunately these improvements come with shortened Grille hours. We are psyched about the all-day waffles though! And the curry and Saturday breakfast hours are great too.

The new and improved curry station seems to be quite a hit. Now you get to choose from at least three different types of curries and many sides as well. With the new curry options, Café Mac has really expanded the range and variety of flavors offered. While the new curries for the most part do not have any vegetables or meats in them, you can add your own toppings and sides to truly customize your curry.

The new Grille hours are a slight disappointment to many students. No longer supporting the late night munchies, the Grille now closes at 11 p.m. While this may change some of your snacking habits, it is much healthier to avoid eating really late in the night. However, the Grille has gotten a new pastry supplier, and there are now a variety of bagel flavors and donuts, including french toast bagels and strawberry cream donuts. While the new hours may bum some of us out, the new pastries certainly make up for it.

For early risers like us, the added breakfast hours on Saturday are a wonderful thing. We often wake up starving around 9 a.m. and having to wait that extra hour-and-a-half is a killer. It is also nice to maintain my sleep and wake-up schedule throughout the weekend, making it easier to start the week Monday morning. The breakfast options are the same as usual, but this change helps people get their weekends off to a more productive start.

The most exciting change of the semester has to be the all-day waffles and the savory waffle bar. Breakfast for dinner is the perfect comfort food or pick-me-up on a bad day. With even more options than the waffle breakfast, students can now choose from sweet, savory or a combination of the two. This all-day station gives students the opportunity to cook for themselves and have creative license over their food choices. Many people like to mix savory and sweet by putting bacon bits on their waffle and dousing it with syrup. We recommend using the chocolate syrup and maple syrup on a butter-slathered waffle. It is a heart attack on a waffle, but worth every bite. Additionally, many people have been putting sandwiches in the waffle iron to replace the long lost panini press. These sandwiches turn out pretty well and even have an awesome shape. Turns out there is so much you can do with a waffle iron.