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Bon Appétit procedures, dining plans cause campus controversy

This year, Macalester welcomed its biggest-ever first-year class. The 612 students in that class, all of whom are required to live on campus, are also required to purchase a full college meal plan. In anticipation of the arrival of so many students, Bon Appétit, Macalester’s food service provider, worked with the college to make adjustments…

MPIRG targets Bon Appétit negotiation

MPIRG targets Bon Appétit negotiation

On the evening of April 25, the Macalester chapter of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) held a town hall on wages and labor as part of its push to implement a $15 minimum wage for all subcontracted employees. The event, which took place in the Smail Gallery on the first floor of the…

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Biweekly bites: Earth Day and the bagged lunch option

Next Thursday, April 20, Bon Appétit will celebrate Earth Day with free samples given out at Marvin Plaza. According to an email from Amy Jackson, Macalester’s Catering Director, “Every year, U.S. farmers discard more than 6 billion pounds of produce because they’ve been told it’s too small, too big, too crooked, or just too ugly…

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Café Mac hacks: waffles, curry, extended hours, oh my!

To kick off the new year, we thought it would be a good idea to review all the changes Bon Appétit made. There are some great improvements, but unfortunately these improvements come with shortened Grille hours. We are psyched about the all-day waffles though! And the curry and Saturday breakfast hours are great too. The…

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Biweekly bites: updates from Bon Appetit

The ways in which students interact with Bon Appetit varies greatly. Some students eat three meals a day there, while others get the occasional Atrium sandwich. But how much do we know about the catering company that is behind all of the food on campus? In this bi-weekly column, I will sit down with the…


Bon Appétit celebrates accident-free year

Our goal at Bon Appétit is to have each employee return to their home every day injury free. We make it a commitment to provide our employees with a safe place to work. The team here at Macalester is proud to report that we went one year incident free! We work hard to build a…


Green Matters: Waste not, want not

Next week is Earth Week, and Bon Appétit is collaborating with MacFEAST to help reduce food waste in Café Mac through an initiative called Food Counts: the Green Plate Challenge. Showing up at the cafeteria to refuel between classes, it’s easy to forget about the human and physical resources that go into growing, transporting, cooking…

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Café Mac: Pretty or practical?

Upon returning to campus after Spring Break a few weeks ago, I was surprised to find that Café Mac had changed drastically. While we were all enjoying our week off, our cafeteria was undergoing a makeover. The plastic crates for cups turned into glistening metallic carts, the bowls in the salad bar became modernist and…


Opportunity Partners’ contracts ended

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Café Mac ended the contracts of nine Bon Appétit workers. The workers had been hired through Opportunity Partners, a Minnesota nonprofit that advocates for people with disabilities. On Thursday, Feb. 18, a group of Macalester students, including Café Mac employees and members of the Income Inequality Commission (IIC), presented a petition…

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