Biweekly bites: updates from Bon Appetit

The ways in which students interact with Bon Appetit varies greatly. Some students eat three meals a day there, while others get the occasional Atrium sandwich. But how much do we know about the catering company that is behind all of the food on campus? In this bi-weekly column, I will sit down with the staff of Bon Appetit to learn updates, talk with chefs and provide insight into what happens behind those swinging Café Mac doors.

As you may have read in the January 19 issue of the Daily Piper, Café Mac is going through some changes. This semester, for the first time, students can get halal meat in the dining hall. The idea, which was prompted by student feedback, was put into action by Chef Doug Tigges. Chef Tigges came to Macalester in October after having worked for Bon Appetit 15 years ago. Bringing halal offerings to the menu in Café Mac was one of the first major changes that Chef Tigges wanted to implement.

Halal meat offerings will be available in Café Mac on Mondays and Thursdays, during lunch and dinner, though halal meat may make additional unscheduled appearances on the menu from time to time, according to Amy Jackson, the Catering Director at Macalester.

An icon indicating that meat is halal will be present on the respective menu signs to alert students.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, the comment board in Café Mac is a great way to get in contact with Bon Appetit staff members.