This week in MCSG: PBR responds to election, affirms core values

The most recent Macalester Student Government meeting began with a visit from Macalester President Brian Rosenberg, who was present to answer questions from any of the MCSG members. In response to a question asking him how he will uphold Macalester’s institutional values, particularly in light of the most recent presidential election, the president stated that he has always promoted non-partisan issues such as racial equality, efforts to combat climate change, freedom of religion and other values that the Mac community holds dear. He made clear that he would do everything in his power to support DACA students and families. However, he also added that he must perform a balancing act and focus on broader social justice issues in order to make sure students of different political backgrounds do not feel isolated.

Other notable moments from the question and answer included whether Macalester will ever move to a test-optional policy, to which President Rosenberg answered that he is in favor of the policy, but will consult more with the Admissions Office and will come to a decision on the topic by the end of the year. President Rosenberg was also asked how Macalester will balance its liberal arts background with the increasing demand for STEM courses and resources. He responded that the college needed to make sure that human resources are deployed as efficiently as possible, but that there has never been discussion about making cuts to the core programs of humanities or STEM.

In addition to the meeting with President Rosenberg, MCSG also met with Sustainability Director Suzanne Hansen, who explained how Macalester is on track to meet its sustainability plans and the progress that has been made over the past few years. The AAC also introduced and overwhelmingly passed a bill which would recognize a Student Educator of the Year for their achievements in any department.