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Fossil Free Mac: it’s time to end private partnerships

On January 30, President Brian Rosenberg sent a statement to our community opposing the Trump administration’s recent travel ban. Then, on February 9, President Rosenberg sharply criticized the inexperience of incoming Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Through these statements, President Rosenberg laid the groundwork for the college to counter the dangerous policies of Mr. Trump….


This week in MCSG: PBR responds to election, affirms core values

The most recent Macalester Student Government meeting began with a visit from Macalester President Brian Rosenberg, who was present to answer questions from any of the MCSG members. In response to a question asking him how he will uphold Macalester’s institutional values, particularly in light of the most recent presidential election, the president stated that…


Rosenberg, Dalai Lama to converse

President Brian Rosenberg will ask His Holiness the Dalai Lama questions from a vetted list on March 2, in accordance with protocol from His Holiness’ office. According to Director of Communications David Warch, His Holiness’ Advance Team required that all questions be submitted in writing in advance. To generate a list, he said that the…


Strategic Planning Committee strategizes for years ahead

Most students are only on campus for four years, but Macalester is often in the midst of projects and goals that last much longer than that. Planning for many of these begins in the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), a group of administrators, faculty and students who meet over the course of three semesters to develop…