This week in MCSG:

The most recent meeting of MCSG was largely focused around the approval of the charter of Mac GOP, a student organization on campus for Republican and conservative students. Up for debate was an additional clause added to the charter which stated that, if a certain person is being rude and disruptive, then a three-quarters majority of the board may vote to ask the student to no longer attend meetings. If the student did not comply, then they would be reported to the school. According to the chair of the Student Organizations Committee (SOC), the point of the clause is to help create a safe and respectful atmosphere during meetings. With a particularly divisive election occurring, many felt that this clause was acceptable.

Some MCSG members, however, felt that those in charge of Mac GOP should not have the responsibility to ban people from meetings, as there are already procedures to report disruptive students. A long discussion over this issue ensued. However, an MCSG member who is also a part of Mac GOP pointed out that the clause was added at the request of the SOC, as it was a part of the sample student org charters, and that Mac GOP was willing to change the clause if needed as long as there was a respectful space for them to operate. Ultimately, after much back and forth, it was decided that the problem was not with the student org, but with MCSG procedures in requirements for charters, and that this issue over the clause could be dealt with at a later time. The Mac GOP charter was thus approved.

Also covered during the meeting was a budget request for the Mac Slams Spring Honorariums, which is already scheduled and up for vote, despite not occurring until the spring semester. The request was for $1500 for two shows. The budget request passed overwhelmingly.