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This week in MCSG:

The most recent meeting of MCSG was largely focused around the approval of the charter of Mac GOP, a student organization on campus for Republican and conservative students. Up for debate was an additional clause added to the charter which stated that, if a certain person is being rude and disruptive, then a three-quarters majority…


SOLO org leader training shortened, rebranded as Involvement Week

Riding on the heels of the Org Fair, this past week, September 12 – 16, was the first ever Involvement Week: a week of events centered around effectively starting and leading a student org. It kicked off on Saturday with the mandatory Student Organization Leadership Orientation (SOLO) followed by five additional workshops. In previous years,…


Staff editorial: The Mac Weekly responds to MCSG’s budgeting

Editor’s note: This is an opinion piece composed by The Mac Weekly editors. On Tuesday, The Mac Weekly spent 25 minutes pleading with MCSG to approve our budget for next year. The Weekly’s efforts to produce a weekly newspaper, and thus stay true to our name, were nearly derailed by MCSG’s bureaucracy. MCSG initially refused…