A message from Al Storm

The Mac Weekly

I am currently addressing the people of Macalester and the world. Yes, it is true that I’m going to be at the Al Storm Games this year, 2016.

I will be there, but you may not know who I am; I may disguise myself while I’m there. But, regardless, I’ll be giving the students a little of the good stuff. This school really isn’t the same without me.

Generally, I just want to thank the good people of America for loving what the Al Storm Games are. I’m also glad that people are willing to be punished for their failures, because that’s rebelling against what America is becoming. The Al Storm Games are really making America great, not Donald Trump.

As I’m sure you can tell by that statement, the Al Storm Games are very political. It’s what the people want; it gets the people going.
Al Storm is now more than just a person; he has become more of an essence that lives within the students of Macalester. He is embodied by how the students interact, how they want to win the games and show off their true warrior side. He has grown into something that is beyond me. It’s a little philosophical.

Love always,

Al Storm