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A message from Al Storm

I am currently addressing the people of Macalester and the world. Yes, it is true that I’m going to be at the Al Storm Games this year, 2016. I will be there, but you may not know who I am; I may disguise myself while I’m there. But, regardless, I’ll be giving the students a…


Dear Athlete: How our culture needs to improve

Dear Athlete, I play a sport. Last season I didn’t play (it’s a long story, ask me about it), but this coming season I’m playing again. You compete at a collegiate level too and therefore have likely spent a good chunk of your short life playing your sport(s). With that being said, the sport you…


Meeting with Wells Fargo prompts letter

Dear President Brian Rosenberg, David Wheaton, Doug Rosenberg, and Kate Walker:

Thank you for facilitating last week’s meeting with representatives from Wells Fargo, Macalester business services administrators and students representing Macalester’s Kick Wells Fargo Off Campus coalition.