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Information from the Weather Underground and CBS Sports.

Loyal readers! We’re back with the weather! I’ve missed all of you dearly and I’m sure you’ve all missed knowing what the weather’s going to be like in the coming week! There definitely isn’t any other way you’d be able to obtain that information. This once-a-week, rough estimation is certainly your only source of information. Not any other option that might be quicker or more accurate. Nope.

I’m sorry I abandoned you all for so long. I never meant for this to happen, but then again, does intent really count for anything if it happens anyway? Some would say no. Others would say yes.

In the time I’ve been away, we’ve had some notable weather events that I’d like to reflect on. Let us begin.

Opening Day for Baseball

Baseball! America’s pastime, some of the time. I personally don’t follow baseball closely, but I do enjoy filling out the little scorecards they give you at games.

This year, April 4 was the intended day for many MLB teams to begin their seasons. However, some early morning snow prevented this from happening for a number of teams.

The New York Yankees and the Houston Astros were to face off at the Yankees stadium, but were thwarted by ‘inclement weather.’ Their game was rescheduled for the next day, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Ultimately, everything worked out! No harm, no foul (ball). I’m sorry.

Record Highs

I had high hopes for this spring. I thought it was finally going to be an especially warm one. These dreams have since been crushed, but the record highs we had in February were a major contributor to why I held on to that belief for so long.

Saturday, February 27 was specifically a major accomplishment for Minnesota weather. It reached a record high of 58°, breaking the previous record of 54° from back in 1896.

Personally, I’m proud of Minnesota for reaching new bounds, but I’m still a little miffed that I was deceived.

This Week

On the topic of that deception, let’s check out the weather for this week!

Today’s supposed to be disappointing as ever with a high of 35°, and it doesn’t get much better in the coming week until we reach Thursday. Thursday brings us a predicted high of 60°. That’s a temperature I can work with.

In reality I don’t mind the cold temperatures; I actually very much prefer them to the hot ones. I think at this point I’m objecting purely on principle. It’s spring, so we should have spring-esque temperatures! We deserve it, god-dammit.
We’ve also got a windy week ahead of us, making the cooler temperatures all the more noticeable. Today and Monday will be particularly windy, with an expected maximum speed of 24 mph.

On a positive note, the expected chance of precipitation is mostly nonexistant for the week, with the highest chance (11%) happening around Sunday at noon. And who’s awake at that time on a Sunday anyway, am I right?

The Future

For the remainder of the semester, I think it is safe to expect at least a moderate increase in temperature from the past few weeks. The overall average for April is in the low 60s, which is encouraging but nothing all that extraordinary. I would suspect that we likely will not achieve another record high anytime soon, given that we’d need to reach at least 84° (April 20) and at most 96° (April 21).

For me, there are really only two days I actually care about the weather for. The first is April 23 a.k.a. Springfest. Springfest is always at its best when it’s outdoors and warm enough that we can all dress like we’re going to Coachella (minus the appropriation!). The second day is May 14 a.k.a. graduation. If I’m forced to sit outside for hours to receive a diploma, it better at least be nice out.

Until next time (and who knows when that’ll be!), this has been the weather.

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