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Twins Opening Day: A report from Target Field

By Ben Lewis It is April 1st and the Minneapolis skyline sits against an angry backdrop of dark clouds. However, this April day feels like summer. Why? It’s opening day. The Minnesota Twins are playing their first game of the year against the Kansas City Royals. I saw an opportunity to grab a ticket, and…


Dome games: a Midwestern tradition

Every year in February, professional baseball teams make their way to Arizona or Florida to start their training in a temperate locale. The Major League Baseball season begins in April, so teams can wait until the weather improves before they move into their home fields for opening day. For example, the Minnesota Twins play their…


The Weekly’s weekly weather report

Information from the Weather Underground and CBS Sports. Loyal readers! We’re back with the weather! I’ve missed all of you dearly and I’m sure you’ve all missed knowing what the weather’s going to be like in the coming week! There definitely isn’t any other way you’d be able to obtain that information. This once-a-week, rough…

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