Tales From the Sound Board: M.L. Kenney


M.L. Kenney '18, creator of the WMCN interview series "Consuming Media." *Photo by Maddie Jaffe '17*
M.L. Kenney ’18, creator of the WMCN interview series “Consuming Media.” Photo by Maddie Jaffe ’17
M.L. Kenney is a consumer. She’ll be the first to admit it. Her show Consuming Media is all about the ways we interact with the texts that constantly surround us. She brings on weekly guests from the community and puts them under the spotlight. We caught up with M.L. to find out what makes her tick.

What inspired you to create Consuming Media?

I was taking Novel: Art and Violence with Casey Jarrin. She talked a lot about how different pieces of art — usually novels and film — were in conversation with each other. Eventually you keep hearing this over the course of several months and you have this type of moment where you’re like, “Oh my God, everything is talking to each other all the time.” I wanted to create something that reflected that.

What am I going to hear when I tune in on Friday mornings?

I do interviews all in one take, because I like that sense of authenticity. I like radio because I think it’s an easy way to get people to talk to you and have a medium where you can put all this different stuff. My favorite type of interview to do is one where someone is able to combine a couple different mediums and synthesize them.

Why the word “consume?”

I think we don’t pay that much attention to our identities as consumers and how what you take in makes you who you are. That was the whole reason for the show. You can essentially view yourself as a collage of all these different things you take in and enjoy, or dislike.

What does the average playlist look like for you?

I have some Sam Cooke. I have a lot of Bowie. I really like some glam rock and I like some 80s stuff, so I have a bunch of Kate Bush. I have a lot of 60s bands. A lot of it is in the mainstream. I like to look at stuff that was part of a bigger conversation, even if it was not taken seriously at the time, or hedonistic. How do we re-read it?

What’s next with Consuming Media?

I’m going to start brainstorming more ways to really draw from other radio programs and figure out a way to make it not just a college radio show, but something that somebody can look at who’s outside of the community, and be like, “Wow, this is really interesting work.” That’s a long-term goal for the next couple years.

Consuming Media airs on Friday mornings from 9:00-10:00 am.
Want to be on the next edition of “Consuming Media”? Email [email protected] She’ll consume that email.