Yes vote for dialogue

If you vote yes next week to keep MPIRG on campus, as I hope you will, it is not the end of a conversation. Rather, you’re allowing conversations about MPIRG’s role on campus to continue. Our purpose is to represent the student voice.

We know we haven’t been perfect in fulfilling this role. In recognition of critiques we’ve received, we want to keep looking for ways to do our job better. We’ll be renegotiating our contract with MCSG after the referendum, and there is room for change.

Want to see changes in the contract, like making sure we have to do more publicity around the opt-out? Email your class rep! MPIRG and MCSG will look at suggestions together during the negotiations. Beyond contract negotiations, if you have problems with our campaigns or how we run them, or if you have ideas about new things we could do, please reach out to us. We want to work for and with you. But we can only do this if you let us, by voting yes.

Amy McMeeking, MPIRG co-chair