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MCSG Overseer: Free bus passes to support student internships

Margaret Moran

April 12, 2018

This week’s MCSG meeting began with a vote on a bill written by Students Services & Relations Committee (SSRC) member Fabian Bean ’18 to fund a transit subsidy program for Macalester students. The bill would allocate ...

MPIRG and the referendum: The plan to move forward

February 13, 2015

All students pay $221 to the Student Activity Fee each year. Macalester College Student Government (MCSG) distributes this pool of money to its programming boards and chartered student organizations through automatic formulas an...

MacPIRG hopes to stay afloat with additional allocation funds

December 5, 2014

As the semester ends, the long term future of Macalester’s MPIRG chapter is still undetermined. However, immediate efforts by students are focused on preserving and securing the student org’s funding and accessibility to re...

Responding to the MPIRG referendum results

November 23, 2014

The results for the MPIRG referendum came out today. Thank goodness this clusterf*ck is over. Nobody is blameless why this went so bad—MPIRG, MCSG, the "opposition," the Electoral Procedures Committee and the student body al...

MCSG will not renegotiate contract with MPIRG

November 21, 2014

A majority of students voting in this week’s referendum chose not to renegotiate MCSG’s contract with MPIRG. The total number of students voting in the referendum was 1,229, with 501 voting in favor of continuing the contract wi...

A scientifically non-biased view of the MPIRG contract

November 14, 2014

I am a senior chemistry major who has managed to avoid the spotlight of political onslaught during my time at Macalester. I prefer concerning myself with the fields of science and mathematics, areas based heavily on objective tr...

Myth about cultural org budgets and MPIRG from a member of the FAC, Queer Union, & MPIRG

November 14, 2014

I’ve been fortunate and honored in my time at Macalester to serve in a number of leadership positions in cultural, governing and activist groups. I’m a co-chair of Queer Union, member of the Financial Affairs Committee an...

Leave MPIRG the chance to politically assist our community

November 14, 2014

Next week, students will have the opportunity to decide if MPIRG should retain its current funding structure. As a part of a statewide coalition two years ago, MPIRG (Minnesota Public Interest Research Group) helped defeat tw...

What a “No” vote means

November 14, 2014

Do you carefully read every email you receive each day? I know I don’t, especially all those listserv messages. If it weren’t for a friend mentioning it in passing, I would have missed an important one–it was just one of...

An argument for the accountability of MPIRG

November 14, 2014

Full disclosure: I really, really love MPIRG. For a lot of reasons, and for a long time. My love for MPIRG began my first year. It was the first org I joined, and by far the one that has impacted my life the most. I was a co-chair la...

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