Swens n’ Dobs: R & R

This week, we offer a few recommendations for viewing over fall break. If you find yourself with nothing to do, leaves falling outside, apple cider in hand, consider opening up your laptop for a little cinematic enjoyment. All of these movies are available on Netflix Instant.

Swenson: “End of Watch”—A powerful and pretty depressing movie that is definitely worth seeing. Gyllenhaal does some of his best work here. “Chicken Run”—An entertaining and nostalgic film that focuses on chickens attempting to escape their own untimely deaths. “The Cabin in the Woods”—As someone who does not like horror movies, I actually found myself becoming very fond of this movie. It is both a traditional horror movie as well as a commentary on the horror movie genre in general. “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards”—If you haven’t started or finished watching either of these fantastic shows, you better get on it.

Dobscha: “Hunchback of Notre Dame”—The best Disney movie you’ve never actually seen. Haunting music, George Costanza as the voice of a fat talking gargoyle, surprisingly dark themes for a children’s film—this animated musical has it all. Instead of re-watching Pocahontas (tempting as it is), pick this one instead. “Galaxy Quest”—This goofy sci-fi satire is perfect for mindless relaxation. Funny, warm and endlessly quotable. “Top of the Lake”—This miniseries is short (and suspenseful) enough to finish over fall break. Take Twin Peaks, set it in modern day New Zealand, throw in the fantastic Elisabeth Moss and add a shakerful of feminism. “Lord of the Rings” trilogy—You have the time. Just do it. No shame