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A “Superior” Fall Break
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A “Superior” Fall Break

Two of our photographers, Josh Koh ’18 and Summer Xu ’20, headed north to Duluth for Fall Break. While visiting, they explored Gooseberry Falls State Park and the waterfront of Lake Superior. The scenery they encountered and the images they captured are a stark contrast to the urban landscape of the Twin Cities. The shores…


If so inKlined: Fall Break falls short

My plan since move-in day was to stay here for fall break. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the first time I would be on a mostly empty campus. I thought that fall break would be pretty relaxed, but still full of fun. Now that the long weekend is over, my opinion has changed…


Swens n’ Dobs: R & R

This week, we offer a few recommendations for viewing over fall break. If you find yourself with nothing to do, leaves falling outside, apple cider in hand, consider opening up your laptop for a little cinematic enjoyment. All of these movies are available on Netflix Instant. Swenson: “End of Watch”—A powerful and pretty depressing movie…


Wish fall break lasted longer?

As a senior, one thing I’ve learned at my time at Mac is that effective and long-lasting change is often hard to come by in our short time here. Sometimes this slow, unchanging view of progress is projected onto MCSG. While many students benefit from additional allocations, the chartering of student organizations, the community chest…