LTBC: Hai(beer)kus


We thought that this week,

we would only write haikus;

it’s more fun this way.

quality time please!

we are but small beings, we

can’t do all this work

writing this column

I learned a lot about beer

but more about friends

i swear i can’t eat

anything with gluten, yuck.

beer will never count.

Cheese curds are good; some

milky apps are cheap. and yet

Rule Seven still stands

from Carolyn Prescott, our guest columnist this week:

Rocks and beer mix well

But I’d rather take a shot

Bad geologist

brew, cerveza, draft

boredom-be-gone, libation

potent potable

some beer tastes like pee

if you agree, avoid that

shit, try Furious.

my favorite beer

is the Indeed Let It Ride

thanks for that, Beer Club

the beauty of beer

is in seeing the bottom

of a glass once full

foam lacing the glass

a deep amber mystery

this beer tastes like HOPS

Fairview and St. Clair

cold winter, warm Groveland Tap

weekly pilgrimage

Beer: about friendship,

fun, subtlety, and learning

radical self care.