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LTBC: Hai(beer)kus

May 1, 2014

Lucy & Taryn Beer Club: Moore Beer

March 13, 2014

Did you know that Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware employs a molecular archaeologist to scrape the insides of ancient earthenware vessels, run chemical analyses to determine what past civilizations were brewing, and th...

Lucy and Taryn Beer Club: Beery Funny…

March 7, 2014

Lucy and Taryn’s Beer Club is in the throes of midterms. Overnight, it seems, those mischievous tests and papers snuck up on us while we slept, sent up permanent camp in the front yard, and now greet us every morning when we...

Lucy & Taryn Beer Club: Best beer, best state

February 21, 2014

For Mother’s Day, most people buy their mothers chocolates and roses. Living in Fairbanks, Alaska, however, opens the holiday to wider interpretation. We learned this from Fairbanks, Alaska native Laura Mather ’14 over be...

Welcome to: Taryn and Lucy’s Beer Club

January 31, 2014

Picture this, if you will: early January. Lucy and Taryn are sitting in a booth at The Groveland Tap. Lucy is wearing her power outfit. No, it is not a pant suit; no, it does not involve heels. Quite the contrary, actually—she’s sp...

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