Opinions on “More Than Words” around campus


Julia Turner ’16


“There were words I’d never even thought about before. And some of those are a little bit of a stretch. Besides that, it’s all a good message. There’s nothing bad about it.”

Maddie Gerrard ’17

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“I understand the point behind it, but I don’t see people actually talking about it much. I don’t think people here use those words anyway; we’re a pretty politically correct campus.”

Dieynab Diatta ’14


“I really applaud it. It was original and provocative, but I don’t know if people have really reflected on it. I think that could happen if there was more of an organized discussion around it. As an RA, none of it was something I hadn’t thought about before, but it made me think a lot more about the language I use.”

Sherif Tawfik ’14

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“Whenever I see them, I find myself thinking about the word and actually saying it more. But I like it. Those things shouldn’t be said. You shouldn’t call something ghetto. You shouldn’t say ‘don’t be a girl,’ because girls can be tough too, even more tough than guys.”