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Calling out: exploring inclusive language at Macalester

October 16, 2015

At Macalester, we’re constantly introduced to new ways to create a safe, welcoming campus where everyone can have the best learning experience possible. Orientation Leaders teach first years about preferred gender pronouns (P...

Joining the dialogue on “More Than Words”

March 28, 2014

Towards the end of February, Jeff Garcia penned an opinion piece rightfully criticizing the so-called “More Than Words” campaign, pointing out that it favors demonizing seemingly harmless words while ignoring their context an...

Continuing the conversation about “More Than Words”

March 14, 2014

In the Mac Weekly’s February 28th edition, Jeff Garcia critiqued the Department of Multicultural Life’s “More Than Words” campaign, describing it as a plea for self-censorship. In this article, he wrote, “we, as a le...

Responding to Jeff Garcia on the “More Than Words” campaign

March 7, 2014

In an opinion editorial published last week, Jeff Garcia ’14 criticized Macalester’s “More Than Words” campaign. Garcia asserts that the campaign is a form of censorship, failing to realize that the intent is not to pr...

MTW actually a success

March 7, 2014

The “More Than Words” campaign is inspiring the very dialogue Mr. Garcia has criticized it for, evident not only by his response, but the conversations many of us have engaged in with one another because of its atypical ap...

“More Than Words” relevant regardless of upbringing

March 7, 2014

Nobody leaves college the same as when they stepped in. When debating whether the history or the intent of a word matters more, the purpose of the “More Than Words” campaign is lost. Jeff Garcia himself admitted that: “...

“More Than Words” Campaign provokes fighting words

February 28, 2014

When I first saw a ‘More Than Words’ poster hanging in Kirk, I didn’t think much of it. “Just another poster series,” I thought to myself, bringing bags up a stairwell hot enough to melt plastic in. Similar to my ch...

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