Women's Tennis 3-3 over break


Tennis and tanning were on the minds of the women’s tennis team, as the women escaped the snow during their spring break trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina last week. After significantly improving its record from this same tournament last year, the team ended the week in a 3-3 split.

The women spent the week playing six matches against teams from across the country. Although the teams were smaller and less competitive, the wins gave the women hope for the rest of their season and validation of their progress. The team pulled out wins against Westminster (New York) (9-0), St. Michael’s (New York) (6-3), and Heidleberg (Ohio) (5-2) with the help of Anna Peschel ’08 who went 5-0 at No. 4 singles on the week as well as Megan Walsh ’09 (3-3 at No. 1) and Becky Schneider ’09 (3-2 at No. 5). Jenna Harris ’08 and Sayoko Nakamura ’06 had two wins apiece in the singles competition.

Overall the team had a great time in the sand and on the courts.

“The spring trip is always an amazing time to bond with the team while playing an absurd number of matches,” Harris said. “It was a crazy good time.”