Early grads discuss future plans and what they’ll miss most about Mac

Lorenza Pellicioli Geography major, Political Science minor
I will look forward to not having a solid plan for the first time in my life. I will be traveling in Australia for a few months which should be amazing, I have never been and its my first trip alone. After that I will be moving to New York to pursue a career in media.

I will miss my friends the most. I will also miss the Twin Cities, which I pretty much hated until my senior year, but now I think they are phenomenal. I wish I had had more time to really work through City Pages Best Of Twin Cities Breakfast. Just in case you need a recommendation, Hazel’s in Northeast Minneapolis is insanely awesome.

Carley Davenport Sociology major
I am really looking forward to reading for fun! I will miss all of the wonderful people at Macalester – both students and professors – that make being here constantly fun and interesting.

Hannah Strauss-Albee Psychology major
After Mac I’ll be working at Battle Creek Elementary in the St. Paul School District as an aide for children K-6 grade with emotional and behavioral disorders. One thing I’ll miss about Mac?
Dancing like I’m 22.

Shane Levy Economics major
What I’m looking forward to: I’m looking forward to returning to Los Angeles and playing with the two new kittens my parents recently found on the side of the road and adopted. I haven’t met them yet and it’s all very exciting. I want to spend the next month or so catching up with old friends and relaxing before moving to an entirely new city, starting a new job, and entering the real world.

What I’ll miss: My friends. You guys are the weirdest people I’ve ever met. You’re almost as weird as I am, which I think is why you tolerate me. Also, a big shout out to the economics department. The professors (and Jane!) in the econ department take a personal interest in their students, and it’s that interest that justifies the entire concept of a small, liberal arts college.

Teal Radford Psychology major, Religious Studies and Educational Studies minor
I’m looking forward to moving to New Mexico for grad school or work and getting rid of my winter coat! I will miss the friendly neighborhood squirrels and the free popcorn from the lounge!