WMCN Profile//

By Maya A. Weisinger

Stating their tagline as “The Heartbeat of Macalester College,” Riley Koval ’13 and Colin Westcott ’12 have once again brought their musical passions to the studio as they have for the past one and a half years. Influenced by the power of the Twin Cities hip-hop scene and their own deep-seated interest in the art itself, the DJs take their show to a place of zealous professionalism. They carry themselves with the finesse of guys who have been in the business for a while, dishing out smooth one-liners and filling the would be silence in between sets with appealing and stimulating conversation about the music. It seems that the solidarity built from being football brothers definitely presents itself tenderly in the space of the studio; mild-mannered and soft-spoken, the duo takes the grit and grunge of street hip-hop to a neat and clean presentation that truly gives any listener an idea of what good hip-hop is and how the Twin Cities is the house of that. And, as if their seamless charisma doesn’t carry enough weight, consider the response of Twin City hip-hop connoisseurs: last year the Hip Hop Shop was nominated for Best Radio Show at the Twin Cities’ 5th Annual Hip-Hop Awards. They have also featured local artists live on their show, bringing locals like St. Paul Slim and Malevolent Smith to the studio. This initiative to get uber-involved with the substance of the show is what WMCN programming thrives on. Though the guys, in their collected and poised way, were humble and gave a “drop” back to WMCN: “All of this is student-run. [The students managing the station] really need to be given credit for the work they do,” said Westcott. Koval added, “People take for granted how lucky we are to be able to have our own show and play the music we love.” For a fantastically and carefully selected playlist of hip-hop tracks presented by gentlemen of the most respectable swagger, check out the Hip-Hop Shop on Thursday nights.