WMCN prepares for first broadcast on Oct. 12

By Allison Divine

Macalester’s student-run radio station, WMCN, is preparing for its first broadcast of the year on Oct. 12. Applications for new DJs are now posted at the WMCN Web site and are due on Oct. 5. Zach Dotray, WMCN’s general manager, said the station plans to make some changes in programming this year. One of these changes would be to increase the number of DJs so the station can be “on air as much as possible.” Dotray also regrets that most of their programming is just the “same-old college indie” music and people trying “kitschy things” that “just aren’t cool.” He said he hopes the station can move beyond this. In recent semesters the station has featured more hip-hop-oriented programming.

Throughout the year the station hopes to hold at least one show per semester, more if opportunities present themselves. WMCN is broadcast on 91.7 FM.