The Party Castle

By Emily Howland

The Mac Weekly: How did you come to live together? Harley Bown: Six of us were in the same first year class so we lived on the same hall. Caitlyn had French with Allison Olmos, or Lil’ Lo, and Josh lived on the floor above us.

Josh Porte: I came down to party.

Caitlyn Cohen: Also we’re all Jews.

Alison Liss: Our first year course was about Jews in the U.S.

TMW: Cohen is a very Jewish name. Are you related?

Debbie Cohen: We’re sisters!

CC: We’re related.

DC: We’re not sisters at all. We look really similar though.

TMW: Why is it called the Party Castle?

JP: I named it. I was talking about how excited I was to live with all of my friends over the summer and I figured we’d have a few gatherings in it. It’s a big place, like a castle and I consider us all nobility.

DC: We had a birthday party when Lil’ Lo turned 21 which was really fantastic, and the next morning our landlord showed up at 8:30 in the morning, pounding on the door telling us to go apologize to our new neighbors. It was-

TC: Humiliating!

HB: We came dowstairs in our pajamas and he was like “Put something decent on, we’re going to go apologize to the neighbors!” So we all traips upstairs and change and we were giggling in the living room because we were like, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

CC: I felt like I was in third grade.

TMW: Are you friendly with the rest of the neighborhood?

TC: I am, personally. I have a close relationship with a hot mom across the street.

JP: There’s a hot mom slash babysitter that lives across the street and we wrote a song about her this summer.

TMW: Take me through a typical day at the party castle.

JP: Wake up around 11, party.

DC: Start drinking at noon.

TC: Actually I don’t think many of us see each other during the day.

HB: We’re ships passing in the night.

DC: I totally agree.

JP: We do have a tradition called tasty Tuesday. We all get together and a couple people cook a meal and we all sit down and have a family feast. We’re all pretty good chefs.

CC: Once we had take-out Tuesday.

TMW: Do you share things amongst each other like food, drinks, beds?

JP: Oh yeah. Especially beds. We all slept in [Allison’s] bed on her birthday. I refer to Allison’s bed as my “bach pad.”

CC: Josh moved out of Allison’s room when I gave him some sheets to put on his bed because he didn’t have any.

TMW: Do you consider yourselves a family?

All: Yes.

HB: Caitlyn would be the mom.

DC: Amir could be the grandpa.

JP: Allison Olmos could be a dad.

TMW: What are your most memorable moments in the house so far?

JP: We were all hanging out in the backyard barbequing and drinking and I organized a mission with Lil’ Lo. We took this big bucket down to the basement and spent a long time filling it upwith water balloons. We snuck upstairs while everyone was coming in throughout the day-

AO: Wait a minute. I had to pretend like Josh and I had been making out in the basement to throw [everyone] off.

JP: True. That was a clever ruse. Then we snuck upstairs, climbed out on the roof with this bucket of water balloons while everyone was down below and we hunched over, popped up and-

DC: We were destroyed.

JP: We hit our elderly neighbor.

TMW: What kinds of domestic changes or home improvements might you make for next semester?

JP: We have a sauna in the basement. It’s not functioning right now, but we have one. We’ve been told by our landlord that he’ll pay for parts and labor if we want to fix it up.

TC: There’s also a bar downstairs. The basement could be really snappy.

JP: It’s our band practice space right now.

TMW: You have a band?

DC: They have the world’s most adorable band. They are so wonderful.

JP: Red Castle. We played at the battle of the bands on Friday.

TMW: How did you do at Battle of the Bands?

HB: I got a little over excited and I thought they were going to win because brother Ali-

TC: Brother Ali said- and I quote- “I dig yo shit.”

DC: He also said you made him feel good inside. That was pretty special.

TMW: What are your Halloween costumes?

AL: Allison Olmos are going to be Thing One and Thing Two.

Harley: I’m going to be Paul Bunion and Tim’s going to be Babe the Blue Fox.

DC: In blue face.

AL: Caitlyn’s going to be a picnic. Last year many of us were Clue characters.

TMW: How do you all contribute to the house?

HB: We’re very supportive of each other. You can always find someone if you come home after a particularly bad day at work there’s someone to empathize with you.

JB: Someone always has wine.

DC: It’s my number one goal to see my friends performing.

TC: Personally, I feel fed by most of my housemates. I just mooch, it’s delicious.

AO: Tim escorts me to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

TC: I don’t think I contribute to the house.

TMW: What will happen to the PC after graduation?

TC: We should probably burn it to the ground.

JP: Yeah, we’re gonna burn it.

TC: That’ll probably happen before graduation.