The notorious B.A.M.F.: Maria Bamford, live

By Tatiana Craine

I walked into the Acme Comedy Club on Tuesday night after putzing around Minneapolis with a couple friends, eager to see comedienne Maria Bamford. Half the day, all I’d heard from my friends was, “We’re going to see the BAMF, we’re going to see the BAMF!” I was getting a little giddy about it, too. But maybe I was just happy to be out of the rain.I was first introduced to the comedic wonder of Maria Bamford sometime last year by one of the friends with whom I was seeing the show. Thanks to Comedy Central shows on iTunes, I was treated to a comedienne who was spunky, fresh, and smart. Soon, my friends and I?had a routine-we would watch a little Bamford, have a few laughs, a cigarette or two and wrap up with some classic Bamford jokes.

Bamford hails from none other than Duluth, MN. She grew up there and eventually attended Bates College, the University of Minnesota and the Univesity of Edinburgh. Bamford’s biting sarcasm and witticisms give her an edge over other comediennes. She is not wrapped up in trite anecdotes about motherhood or adventures clubbing with the girls. Bamford talks about what she knows: family, current events and just what makes her tick. The result is an intelligent brand of comedy. There was a reason my friends started calling Bamford a bad-ass-mother-f*cker.

My friends and I walked into the club and were escorted to the front row. Perfect for a trio of BAMF-heads. The show got off to a good start, and our youthful host for the evening delivered a delightful opening set to warm up the audience. The next two openers revved us up and got everyone excited for Bamford. Finally, an hour into the show, the blonde bomshell Bamford walked onto the stage.

Her hour-long set was filled with new material and old-favorites. My friends and I could recite the lines by heart, laughing hard and often. Bamford even acknowledged us a few times during the show, trying to get us to participate in a therapy session on stage. That honor went to an extremely intoxicated woman. (It did not end well.)
We met Bamford after the show and despite her eccentric stage persona, she was an absolute delight.

If you’re looking for a good way to spend your Friday night this week, enjoy some clever humor at the Acme Comedy Club and get a few laughs with the BAMF.