The close option: The Grandview Grill gets the job done, with a wait

By Amy Ledig

If you are starving to death after a long night of roaming the Mac-Groveland neighborhood, traipsing from Marshall to Berkley in search of an entertaining way to spend the evening, the Grandview is probably not for you. The faint of heart risk perishing during the daunting wait for a table in the packed dining room during prime time. Come earlier or later, though, and a menu filled with greasy, satisfying morning-after options awaits.Prices are similar to those at the Highland Grill, another restaurant owned by the same group (in the $8-$12 range), which seems like a bit much quality wise, but there is certainly plenty of it.

My breakfast companion got one of the combo options, with french toast, sausage and scrambled eggs. They were pretty standard breakfast offerings, solidly done but nothing to write home about. Her orange juice, though, was pretty good and tasted fresh.

I got the Grandview burger, which I probably would have liked better if I had not been a St. Clair Broiler devotee for three years; after them, there’s really no going back. It was decent, though. The bread was crispy, the bacon was thick, and the extra $2 to substitute in the onion rings was almost worth it.

I cannot count the number of times I walked past the Grandview Grill over the last three and a half years before finally going in this weekend. Because of proximity alone I wish I had gone sooner; it may not be the fanciest brunch out there, but the price range and the walk are right.

The Grandview Grill is at 1818 Grand Ave. Open for breakfast and lunch only.