The Beer Corner

By Liz Scholz

Oktoberfest means two things: beer and . M„rzen style? Summit, as well as other popular brewing companies I’m sure, has recently released their only fall seasonal brew, the Oktoberfest, the popular lager brewed in the M„rzen style. For those of you who don’t speak German, M„rzen means March. Traditionally, March was the last month in which beer was brewed before the hot summer months in which beer could become infected and result in a bad-tasting batch, which quite frankly, people wouldn’t be happy about when it came time to party. So, kept at low temperatures over the summer, and poured in steins starting in the beginning of fall, the Oktoberfest/M„rzen style of beer is generally a dark-amber copper color with an alcohol content of five to seven percent (higher than your average Bud), a mild hop profile (meaning medium bitterness) and a full-body (meaning quite rich and malty).

Summit’s Oktoberfest fits this general description, and tastes just as good as it sounds. Although it has an alcohol content of 7.4 percent, higher than the normal range, this by no means undermines its place on the shelf. So get it while you can, and support a local brewery while celebrating the beginning of fall!