Thanks to Rosenberg, congrats to Morgensen on appeal, award


We are writing to express our gratitude that President Rosenberg chose to exercise his authority to grant Professor Morgensen’s appeal by sending his tenure application back to the faculty review committee for further consideration. We are confident that such action was warranted and that President Rosenberg will not regret this decision. Professor Morgensen deserves this second look at the very least. Indeed, Professsor Morgensen’s commitments reflect and enhance the college’s mission, which values excellent scholarship, service to society, internationalism and multiculturalism.Secondly, we are writing in continued support of Professor Morgensen’s teaching, critical scholarship, and participation in the Macalester community. We deeply value his presence in our lives and hope that the college will recognize his contributions to academia and this institution by granting him tenure. In granting Professor Morgensen tenure, the college has an opportunity to support an exemplar of its stated values.

The recent announcement of Professor Morgensen as the 2007-2008 Educator of the Year by the Academic Affairs Commission is further testament to Professor Morgensen’s exceptional talents. While we are not surprised, we are pleased that he is being honored as the outstanding educator that we have known him to be.

We are proud of Professor Morgensen’s courage, resilience, and positive spirit. His passionate teaching, continued dedication to challenging and supporting his students and the college despite his uncertain future is truly extraordinary. This further demonstrates that Professor Morgensen wants and deserves to be a part of this community. He is an inspiration to us everyday.

Finally, we are proud that our peers and other community members, some of whom may not even personally know Professor Morgensen but who know of his contributions to the community, have been outspoken in their support of Professor Morgensen. This reflects the conscious engagement and commitment to community that Professor Morgensen lives by and instills in those around him.

Thanks again to President Rosenberg and congratulations Professor Morgensen!

Daniel Balogh

Alex Douglas

Tinbete Ermyas

Bobbi Gass

Kirsten Kohlhase

Aaron Rosenblum

David Seitz