Support Haiti

By The Mac Weekly

As the media industry shifts away from covering the devastation in Haiti caused by the earthquake, we applaud the efforts of the entire Macalester community for their generosity in donating to the Haiti relief efforts. We also want to specifically acknowledge the work of Westenley Alcenat ’10 and the Haiti Relief Task Force. The group has raised over $3,700 so far, a great start toward their goal of $10,000 to be donated to Partners in Health.As college students, we know the difficulty in finding any funds to give, but we encourage everyone to do what they can. Due to the astonishing destruction, we believe it imperative that everyone continue to give what they can. No amount is too little; we are a community of thousands.

With any disaster, we understand the inclination to rush in and dedicate yourself and your labor. Because Haiti’s infrastructure is crippled, a mass influx of people would only add to the confusion and further strain the ongoing efforts. Monetary donations, in this case, allow for the rebuilding for the infrastructure and help provide immediate jobs to Haitians as they strive to rebuild their country. Donations are a comprehensive alternative to labor.

As international attention shifts from Haiti to other events, it is important to keep in mind the millions of people struggling to find water, food, shelter and the other necessities for survival. You can help.

You can donate to Partners in Health via a credit or debit card “Mac Stands with Haiti” T-shirts will go on sale Feb. 3 and will be sold at the benefit concert on Feb. 5. For more information, contact Martha Rigmy at [email protected].

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