Style File: Zoya Haroon

By Emily Granada

Zoya Haroon entered the room sporting a tied button-down shirt, a flowing floral skirt and a red denim jacket. This sophomore lady is known for rocking on-point fashions every day. The Mac Weekly sat down with her to discuss her favorite style trends and childhood fashions. TMW: How would you describe your style? ZH: Pretty casual. Comfy. Do you have any fashion idols? My mom. I wear a lot of her clothes so usually when people compliment me on my things they’re just stuff of hers that I took. Where are you from? I’m from LA. Would you say that inspires your clothing choices at all? Yes. Shopping is a lot better in LA than it is in Minnesota. And people dress really differently there, I think, than in a lot of places in the U.S. because it’s so warm. Do you like the fashion in LA better, generally? I like how people are more ahead of trends. They catch onto trends really fast but I would probably say that I prefer what I’ve seen on the east coast. Speaking of trends, do you have a trend that you really like? There is one look that I wear every single day because I’ve gotten really lazy since coming to college. I love collars. So, any sort of collar. Lately, I’ve been looking for a studded collar. This has a collar [gestures toward her shirt]. I usually like to button them up all the way. I love collars. Do you have any piece of clothing that is your all-time favorite? No. There are so many pieces of my clothing that I love so I can’t decide on any one thing. I did have this hilarious denim jacket from Hollister from the seventh grade that I wore all of the time. I still have it at college. It’s pretty funny. I think it deserves a shout-out. Do you still find ways to work the denim jacket into your outfits? Yeah, I still wear it. It went out of style but then it came back in. I’ve worn it a lot throughout the years. Do you have any fashion crises stories from your youth? I hated dressing up when I was a little kid because my mom would always make me wear dress suits to picture day at school. It was pretty bad. Is there a time in your life, fashion-wise, that makes you cringe when you look back on it? Yes. Seventh and eighth grade definitely make me cringe. What kinds of things did you wear back then? Well, I have my Hollister jacket as a relic from back then. I used to wear a lot of weirdly mall-rat things. Think of Lauren Conrad and the first season of Laguna Beach…with the little purse. That’s what I looked like in seventh grade. It was bad. Do you have any last words now? No, that’s fine. I’m good. I’ve spoken. refresh –>