Staff editorial: OrgSync no cure-all, but a step forward

By The Mac Weekly

Throughout the rollover debate last year, and the related critical examination of MCSG as a whole, one of the many anticipated solutions to student grievances related to transparency, financing and accountability was OrgSync: an online portal that would give org. members and leaders full access to the details of their transactions, as well as an enhanced and integrated way to track involvement. While most of the discussed solutions are still in development—a student referendum on the rollover money’s use, more open forums—the OrgSync system is up and running. And, by most accounts, including ours, it has the potential to be pretty great. OrgSync has already been adopted by 29 percent of the student body in the first year of its operation, and most student organization leaders are already signed up. The transparency of being able to see a live budget balance will help organizations budget more realistically and confidently, hopefully helping avoid to a budget kerfuffle like last year’s. The system is not currently as visible on campus as it could be—it has no presence on the Macalester web site itself, or on 1600Grand—but as advertising and integration move forward, it won’t be long until signing up for OrgSync becomes as routine and as essential as signing up for e-mail. And in the interest of smooth operation on campus, that is a positive development. Let’s be careful, though, before we anoint OrgSync the cure-all of all of our ongoing government issues. Many of the grievances that arose in the rollover debate last year were more systemic than simple budget irregularities and miscommunication. MCSG will be able to communicate with students more easily through this system, but the political issue of fund allocation to and empowerment of student organizations will remain as long as there is a student government. The Mac Weekly recommends that, going forward, all of us endeavor as students to create the most engaged student government we can, however we see fit—we can’t rely on any software program to do that.