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Staff Ed: Partying responsibly


The Mac Weekly is glad that the Macalester community comes together to enjoy each other’s company every Friday and Saturday night, but in order to keep our students off the news and free of fines, we would like to offer some helpful advice to keep it under control. Partying is a privilege, not a right.Perhaps the St. Paul community is uncomfortable recognizing the realities of living in a college town. Nevertheless, the neighborhood is as much theirs as it is yours. With some small concessions to your neighbors, perhaps older members of the community would be willing accept some of the ruckus behavior. There is no need to walk in groups of twenty or thirty to a party where you will all end up anyway. There is also no need to scream at the top of your lungs when one of your travel companions falls, makes a hilarious joke or reveals a shocking secret about your special someone.

To all of our college fledglings, please remember that when you are walking into a party, you are walking into someone’s home. While you may think it is “no big deal” to scream when your team loses at flip cup or to start a shotgun contest outside, neighbors do. After you leave the party, residents of the house have to stay and deal with the legal implications of your bad behavior. Not only does that include an awkward meeting with Macalester staff but monetary penalties from the city. So please, be respectful of the residents of the house by keeping your behavior under control, especially if you don’t know the owner of the house. If this seems an impossible task, stay in your dorm rooms.

We’ve also heard reports of miscreant behavior once inside the homes of generous off campus residents. Please don’t break stereos, lamps, couches, plates or hearts when at parties. The after effects will be economically and emotionally devastating for the residents. Please pay for solo cups and don’t walk away with glasses or other dishes from the house. Please don’t hide your cups or beer cans behind chairs, in bookshelves or inside lamps, scavenger hunts are only fun on Easter. Trashcans are generally located under the sink and, in many instances are placed out for your convenience. Act like LeBron and sink that shot. If you want extra points, put it in recycling.

Don’t walk into an already full party. First of all, you won’t see anyone you know or meet anyone new. You will simply get other people’s sweat all over you and lose your voice. On the off chance that you do strike up a conversation, it will be short because the cops will be coming shortly. Here are some indicators that you should turn around: you see a lot of people inside and outside the house, you feel heat emanating from the house, the red bull truck is outside.

It may come as a shock to many of you, but most (if not all) of St. Paul homes are equipped with indoor plumbing. We would be willing to venture that every upperclassman would be willing to allow you to use their restroom facilities assuming of course you don’t go crazy with the toilet paper or leave a large, smelly present in their toilets. We know that many of you feel that you can’t hold it after when the line is large, but we bet you can if you try really, really hard. Also, ladies, we know that men are cruel but how about having those teary conversations outside and not in the bathroom?
o, have fun but please, be responsible.

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